The Power of the Observer

In the last email we discussed becoming the "Observer" also known as "witnessing", being the attainable goal of Yoga. Transcendence is the fundamental nature of the Observer. There has always been a pull, a yearning, for the personal experience of peace, of truth, of freedom, and inner power. All these are known to stem from the ability to transcend unwanted feelings, physical constraints and limited paradigms of thought.

Yoga is the holistic practice of all the levels that comprise us: emotions, body, mind and spirit. It is about bringing everything back into divine balance, where nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess. Far different than the judging mind that is satisfied with a consistent snickering at all things that are "wrong", the Observer within us sees beyond the obvious, to that which is the hidden cause. For example, how many times can we assert to ourselves that we are overweight or that our nose is too big? Countless. Endless. Our mind, at any given moment, seems to think that we have amnesia and that its duty is to remind us again and again of our imperfections. In contrast, the Observer isn't content with the repetitive nit picking of our perceived flaws. Instead, it takes a penetrating look within. It contemplates the deeper attitudes that are the real cause of the imbalance.

Being overweight shows an imbalance of the body physical as well as an emotional element. In her awesome book "You Can Heal Your Life", Louise L. Hay suggests that being overweight has it's roots in a deep fear and insecurity, a need for protection, perhaps from anger perhaps from self-rejection. Only you can make this information specific and personal to your own life. Only you can delve into those areas of darkness and courageously bring them to light. Remember that your Observer is aware of everything about you. By stepping into that broader frame of reference you will find meaning in every predicament you seem to be in.

Of course we also have to address the physical aspect of the case above. If you are overweight and this is causing you discomfort, you are not stimulating your body enough. Our physicality has purpose. Say that again - Our physicality has purpose. The more that you engage your body, the more you will accept and utilize this truth. Practicing Yoga regularly will serve to allow you both the time and stimulation to contemplate and resolve much distress.

Oftentimes, we get so involved in our outer reality that we loose sight of who we are in our totality. We know for certain what "we have to do" and what society is expecting from us, but we are confused about why we are unsuccessful and unhappy. There doesn't seem to be a reason for it. It seems untimely and irrational. For some people, admitting that something of this nature is prevalent in their life is terrifying. Notice that every aspect of our being has it's own respectful needs. When these needs are not met, there is a distinct call for attention. You cannot miss the call. Everyone feels the pangs of hunger in their stomach when the body has not been fed. We know, instinctively, this is a call for food. Being intelligent people, we always have food handy. Now, how often do we feed the mind? Boredom is a call from a thirsty mentality. And what does a calling from the Spirit sound like? It is the loudest appeal of all: the spelling of discontentment. It is thus imperative that we take the time to detach from our busy reality, to begin to bring back our self-awareness. To hear again the innate communication between all of our-selves. What is being ignored, avoided or shunned must be invited back in and reconciled. It is within our power to heal.

The experience of the Observer also helps us to gain perspective of ourselves. Awareness can be expanded to help us see more clearly our life picture. It is hard to find solutions when looking through a narrow keyhole, and it is not practical to seek a solution from the same source that is creating the problem in the first place. When we look from a higher viewpoint, through an impersonal pair of eyes, we see a broader picture revealing more options than we imagined were available to us. Elegant solutions present themselves effortlessly. We find ourselves enjoying keener perceptions that bring forth true understanding. We find compassion towards ourselves and become less and less judgmental of other peoples' needs and desires. We recognize our innate strengths and power sources. We are now able to embrace our own wisdom.

Practice engaging your Observer and reap the rewards of a healthy body, the rewards of a clear and sharp mind, the calmness and serenity of a confident heart. Can you but imagine the rewards of an uplifted/lofty soul?