Summer is upon us in earnest!

It seems everywhere you go there is a bustling of activity. We somehow wake up earlier or easier than before, we take in deeper breaths, our soul suddenly has a yearning for adventure and exploration and, to our amazement, our body too is ready to roll.

The sun's warmth is melting those stubborn muscles and oiling our joints. Our body is in sync with our mind and each flexible movement permits a more flexible thought.

Yes, people are getting out; visiting those places they wouldn't dream to go near in winter and finding motivation to do so many tasks that seemed way "too big" just moments before.

The wisdom of mother-earth is evident; Summer is the season of expansion and growth. The bountiful sunlight and colors of wildflowers across the fields exposes so much space!!! Nature is providing for us a playground.

What can I say? One can't help get inspired.

Following is a little article of interest. Also, I will be sending you my new class schedule about mid-month.

Scientists are baffled by how "gentle" Yoga can reduce body weight!

In a study, recently conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, involving 15,500 healthy middle aged men and women, researchers found that "the greatest effect of regular yoga practice was among people who were overweight." Regular yoga practice was defined as practicing at least 30 minutes once a week for four or more years. However, quite surprisingly to most calorie counting advocates, most people do NOT practice vigorous, high intensity or Power Yoga but can still enjoy yoga's fat-fighting potential! How is this possible?

Perhaps acknowledging that Yoga also has profound effects on the mental state of the practitioner is a key to solving this mystery.
Could the increased body awareness and the mind-body connection, which result from Yoga, be helping people to make better choices in their daily lives? Of course.

Let's hope these curious findings guide the way to future studies.

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Let's get out there and participate in this season. Embrace the grace of Summer!