As Within So Without

My inner knowingness guided me to check the news 3 times since moving to Bellingham: the re-election of Bush, the tsunami in Asia and last week's terrorist attacks in London.

I would like to dedicate this letter to reflection on this last event. Many of us tend to disassociate ourselves from disasters happening in our world. We even begin to feel a casual familiarity towards repeated catastrophes happening somewhere "over-there" far away. These events seem too "big" for us to influence and as a result we separate ourselves.

However, I have come to realize that seeing ourselves as separate underestimates Who We Really Are.

In Yoga there is a very basic truth - we are all innately connected to each other, to the earth and to everything else that is. Accordingly, the state of the world is a reflection of our personal lives as a collective.

This has often been illustrated by the metaphors of a great cosmic ocean, an interconnecting blue web or a shimmering field of source energy surrounding everything and everyone, but existing only in the world of the unseen. Similar to how our private thoughts and habits take expression in our bodies, a correlation also extends between us and the world at large. Consequently, an eruption has occurred in the world, calling for our attention.

If we had an accident or personal crisis occur, would it not make sense to meditate on it and look for its meaning? What is happening in our lives or internally in our body that is in discord? The same applies to the bombings in London. It was not a random occurrence. There is great strife and turbulence in our global community. So where do we stand as individuals in contributing to the resolution of such overwhelming conflict?

It starts with Self. Are we transferring fostered aggression and anger onto others? Can we recognize when our own behavior is ridden with hostility and violence? Now with new awareness, can we forgive, transform and find peace in ourselves?

Using our witness awareness (as we have discussed in previous issues as well as Yoga classes) can help us gain self-understanding. Only through understanding ourselves can we come to understand others. Creating world peace begins with creating inner peace. Healing the world starts with healing ourselves. How can we hope to bring inspiration and encouragement to others while we are bogged down with disease and depression? First we have to elevate our own rate of vibration to mach that of healing. We learn to do that in Yoga through breathing, building heat in the body, witnessing ourselves and meditating on creating a calm universal vibration of restoration and peace.

In our most intimate relationships as in our global relations, finding compassion for each others needs along with a sincere desire to find solutions that will lead to everyone's needs being met is vital for peace.

We have a responsibility to the world because our intention holds power. How do you contribute in your mind? Give yourself compassion and honor the gift of your precious life.