Spring Schedule 2012

Lets condition our body to its healthiest potential and
Lets uncondition our mind into freedom!

Michal is returning from maternity break and will be adding more classes gradually.

Day Time Location Emphasis
Monday 1:00pm-2:20pm WCC For college students only.
Tuesday 7:15pm-8:30pm BAC downtown Come and unwind from your day.
Wednesday 1:00pm-2:20pm WCC For college students only.
Sunday 10:00am-11:30am Private Setting Prenatal Yoga.

NOTE The table above shows group classes only. Please arrive on time. Group classes run anywhere between one hour and 15 minutes to one and a half hours, it varies on the collective group dynamic.
Private classes are not displayed here but are readily available!


Private setting: On an Organic farm, call for details (360) 738-0997
BAC Downtown: 1616 Cornwall Ave, B'ham. BAC Website
BAC Cordata: 4191 Meridian St, B'ham.
3 Oms Yoga Studio: 1210 Bay St, B'ham. 3 Oms Yoga Website
WCC: Whatcom Community College 237 W. Kellogg Rd, B'ham.WCC Website


Please make payments to and at the locations that classes are held.

One on One sessions for individual needs and progress, which include a special stress relief program,
increase of energy, self healing and guided relaxation: One hr $75, Two hrs: $90 (at my location).

Couples/Partners Private session for two individuals, family members or friends. Enjoy the benefits of
practicing Yoga together One hr: $75, Two hrs $90.

I am now certified in Reiki and am offering sessions at $55 per session. To read more about Reiki with me, click here

Private Session Cancellation Policy

I hope you’ll understand that more often than not when a class is cancelled last minute, it becomes too late for me to schedule that time slot with someone else. As both your time and my time are very valuable to me, understandably, I’ve had to think of a cancellation policy.

So if you cannot make it, I would appreciate being notified 24hrs in advance.
Otherwise, please pay a cancellation fee of $25.

I Look forward to seeing you,

Michal (Yoga Instructor) (360) 738-0997
e-mail: contact@innercomposure.com

Special Offering: An Inner Composure Wellness Day

Do you know someone that could use an immersion of guided ‘quality time’?
A day focused completely on ‘YOU’. This day is the perfect stress buster for anyone that may need to unwind and recoup after a significant life change OR is preparing for an important event, like birthing, a wedding day, moving… OR simply someone who knows how worthwhile it is to give love and nurturing to Self.

This great gift package for a special person includes 51/2 hours of:
2 hour private Yoga Session (Hatha, Pranayama, guided relaxation)
Luncheon at a local bakery of their choice (Example The Avenue Bread Bakery..)
An accompanied walk (Choice of 3 locations: Lake Padden, Boulevard Park, Whatcom Falls Park)
One hour Reiki session
Tea Time
Gift Meditation CD, Global Mala Visualization
Price $180 Call to schedule (360) 738-0997

Special Series: offered periodically

Yin Yoga classes
A practice that takes you ever deeper, with seemingly minimum movement, staying longer in poses (2-6 minutes), holding and safely stretching internal muscle layers as well as connective tissue and ligament fascia reaching the skeletal structure that beautifully glues the body together. This class is for keeping our joints mobile and developing the qualities of stillness and quietude. Yin Yoga is also a perfect complementary practice to the more Yang activities (Power Yoga, running, jogging, biking, etc) and re-establishes both mental and physical equilibrium, enabling you to experience the feeling of letting go and surrender. It is a time to pause and re-connect to what is important to you.

The Seven Major Chakra System:
7 weeks, emphasis on one energy center at a time/each class. Both mystical anatomy and corresponding physiological systems will be explored, including asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. Strengthens the nervous system and immunity, this class will deepen your Yoga experience and balance your energy systems.

Partner Yoga
A 4 week session of sequences and asana that are done together. Partner Yoga is a simple dynamic program for two people building strength, flexibility, energy and balance. It enhances communications skills and adds joy and a lighter heart.

Yoga for Kids in Elementary School 4 week specialized Yoga program for kids (grades K-1-2, ages 5-8) Learn more

Yoga and Massage Combo WorkshopYoga teachers, studios and wellness centers - We offer a Yoga and Massage Combo Workshop that can come to your location! If you are interested in organizing a Workshop in your area, contact us.  Click here to read more