Supernatural Powers

Last night I had a dream. In my dream I had supernatural powers. I found myself levitating above the bed and walking through the wall of my bedroom into the living area. Through the windows I could see a silver-blue lake. With a single thought of "freedom", I dove through the glass into the sparkling water. Swimming effortlessly underwater I finally decided to come up for air - I was still swimming when I noticed that I was back in bed, awake.

Dating back to the most ancient or religious texts, all cultures have been fascinated by what is deemed extraordinary, miraculous or supernatural. Deities, angels, wizardry and magic, legends and fairytales, spirits and ghosts are the stuff of our literature, our art, our celebrations and observed rituals.

Fantasy fiction and science fiction movies like X-men, The Incredibles, Sky High or the Fantastic 4 where each character possess a special superhero ability (or in some cases a combination of powers) are just a different spin on the same intriguing concepts that recur throughout the ages.

If not a belief, we all share a fascination with the extraordinary. Read through the following list and allow your mind to project into those that tickle your curiosity:

Healing the sick 
Flying or levitating at will 
Shape shifting from the form of a human to the form of a 
different human, or from a human form into an animal or even into 
an inanimate object and back again 
The ability to accelerate plant growth and produce fruits in 
mere moments 
Fire power 
Freezing power 
Super strength, super speed 
Laser vision/x-ray vision 
Illuminate/glow in the dark 
Causing your limbs to extend as long as you want them to 
Melting into blubber and fitting under a door slit 
Technological manipulations/interference 
Enhanced sense of hearing 
Super smarts 
Magnetizing metal 
Producing a strong wind (creating a storm) 
Seeing the sub-atomic particles that constitute all matter 
Seeing beyond that. 

Have you been underrating your imagination?

Research into brain neurology and chemistry can show clearly how rapidly and efficiently the brain responds to stress and pain. A perceived threat, whether real or imagined, will initiate a chain reaction in the brain and body geared towards survival.

It's clear that the brain doesn't stop and ask "hmm, is this for real?" before it fires into action. No, evaluation only comes later, when the adrenaline wanes and the hearts' pounding subsides. The brain acts on what it sees and more often than not, the brain is looking at a picture painted by our thoughts.

This knowledge is valuable to us practicing Yoga because we can use it in many ways. First to recognize and avoid negative thinking, stress inducing situations or entertainment, but more importantly, we can introduce loftier concepts into our minds' eye. You see, it works both ways! The brain can also send out corresponding signals to happy, peaceful and health related imagery.

While in practice, allow yourself to imagine that you can do the pose perfectly, even beyond what is physically possible. Imagine a scenario in your mind that not only do you reach your goal, but even transcend it! Keep that image alive during your practice.

Imagination is allowing your mind to become flexible. Open to possibilities, open to change. Where the mind goes the body will follow. Aid the body by adding this mental dimension of mind-full-ness.

We are often prompted to use an abstract concept during meditation. It's exciting to experiment with what the brain does with an expanded, extraordinary thought.