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Posted: September 2007

The Global Mala Project

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Calling all Yoginis, Yogis, & Yoga Practitioners to attend the Bellingham Yoga Community: Global Mala Celebration for Peace on Sept. 22nd, Fall Equinox, as the yoga world's offering to further the UN International Peace Day.

The purpose of the world wide Global Mala is to unite the global Yoga community from every continent, school or approach to form a "mala around the earth" through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108.

Each city or community can be dedicated to practice or to practice and seva (service) by integrating local action and raising funds for the organization of their choice, joining forces with other Yoga centers and raising funds Locally for: Brigid Collins Family Support Center and Globally for: Children refugees of war (War Child) & Youth Aids. In addition, we are asking all participants to bring donations for Bellingham Food Bank and Hospice. Please bring either 2 cans of food items or dry goods to donate OR flowers to be deliverd to local Hospice patients.

Please join us, the entire Bellingham Yoga Community

When: Saturday Sept 22, 2007
Where: Fairhaven Library, Upstairs
Time: 12-4 pm
Bring your own yoga mat and water.
Suggested Donation: $18-38, this is not for profit offering.
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Posted: August 2007

Reiki - A sure way to do something about the stress...

Reiki, meaning Spirit Guided Life Force, is a form of energetic healing where the person receiving the treatment is in a comfortable, relaxed posture for the entire time, while the Reiki practitioner does hands on and/or hands off healing work. During the session, you may begin to experience pain relief, upliftment, joy, love, well-being, security, unlimited potential, freedom, creativity, beauty, balance, harmony and other lofty states.

One of the most common and proven benefits of Reiki is stress reduction (which also means a boost to the immune and endocrine systems). Many hospitals and medical centers across the US are now including Reiki with their conventional treatments.

Purely through mind and energy, Reiki integrates the modalities we use in our Yoga, including Kundalini awakening and the Chakras, the Nadis, the microcosmic orbit and Qi Gong.

I am now certified in Reiki and am offering sessions at $55 per session. (Packages available).

For good source of information on Reiki, I recommend these websites and and "Essential Reiki, A complete guide to an ancient healing art" book by Diane Stein.